Acura MDX or Audi Q7 For Your Family?

Are you looking for the best mid-size luxury SUV for the family? The Acura MDX vs Audi Q7 both top the charts in their category. Yet, which one is best for you?

Here's a comparison of their respective design, interior space, performance and, finally, price range.

Acura's Design Is More Aggressive

Red 2023 Acura MDX

Of course, taste and color are not up for discussion! However, it must be said that the Acura MDX, renewed in 2022, shows a more athletic style than the Q7.

The Q7 had its last modifications in 2020; its shapes are minimalist: its grille is rectangular, just like its headlights, and its lines are straight. It's a minimalist design and, yes, timeless, but not flashy.

In Acura cars, the shapes are more muscular and show more dynamism with:

  • Long and sculpted hood

  • Diamond pentagonal grille

  • Standard Jewel Eye LED headlights

In short, if you're looking for a sportier design, the Acura SUV is the right choice.

Less Impressive Interior Space in the Q7

Interior of 2023 Acura MDX

The MDX vs Q7 are both mid-size 7-seat SUVs. Therefore, they both offer a spacious interior, there is no doubt about it! However, the Q7 falls into two common pitfalls in the class: trunk size and third row access.

In fact, its 402-liter trunk falls behind most competitors. Of course, the seats can fold down when you need them, freeing up to 1,970 liters of cargo space.

Inside the Acura, the trunk is modular, offering 462 to 512 liters of cargo space on its own. And its maximum capacity is much larger, up to 2,690 liters! This extra space also means that the cabin interior is spacious for everyone, unlike the Q7.

Besides, both offer a luxurious interior with standard heated front seats, optional heated rear seats, high-end materials and more.

What About Power?

Gray 2023 Acura MDX in action

When you're looking for a luxury vehicle, driving pleasure and comfort are a must. On both sides, SUVs offer you a smooth, precise ride and optimal stability thanks to their standard all-wheel drive system.

Since the Acura Hybrid is no longer offered, the Japanese brand now offers two gasoline V6s. At Audi, you can choose between a standard 4-cylinder or a V6, unless you go for the high-performance SQ7. Here's how their performance compares:

Acura MDX

Audi Q7


3.5 litres V6

3.0 litres V6 turbo

2.0 litres 4-cylindres turbo

3.0 litres V6 turbo


290 hp

355 hp

261 hp

335 hp


267 lb-ft

354 lb-ft

273 lb-ft

369 lb-ft


10-speed automatic

8-speed automatic


When it comes to figures, the MDX compares favorably to its German rival! The absence of an electrified version for both manufacturer is an aspect that many criticize. However, a new electric Acura is on the way for 2024, starting the brand's green shift.

Price, Always a Decisive Factor

When choosing a new vehicle, price often is decisive! Of course, you might be willing to pay a little more for a higher quality vehicle. But according to Antoine Joubert in The Car Guide:

"The price gap between Audi and Acura is less and less justified."

That's why automotive experts consider the Acura MDX as a leader of its category! In fact, the Acurastarts at $59,300, while the Audi starts at $72,500.

Moreover, the latter offers you a total of 6 versions depending on your preferences:

As for the Q7, it only offers three versions (Komfort, Progressiv and Technik), with prices quickly rising above $80,000 to reach $89,900. The Acura's selling price gradually rises to reach $86,890 with the ultimate version, the Type S Ultra.

In short, the price of an Acura car is much more advantageous when you compare the offer, and above all, there is certainly a model that fits your budget!

Find your Acura vehicle in Laval, pre-owned or new, near Sainte-Thérèse and just a few minutes from Montréal. You can also configure your Acura at your dealership in Laval!

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