The impressive 2019 NSX is available for trial at Acura Laval, near Montreal and the North Shore.
When we say "Welcome to the Legend", we refer to more than just the shapness and power of the Acura NSX. We want to highlight this car, which is exotic, pleasant to drive on a daily basis, comfortable, fast and very reliable. Your Acura car dealer in Laval, near Montreal and the North Shore, has what it takes to give you the thrills of this racing heritage.
Indeed, the NSX, which comes in several attractive colors, is equipped with a 3.5-liter, twin turbo DACT V6 engine and 3 electric motors. It’s packed with 573 horsepower that are well complemented by its perforated steel grates that reduce weight and increase the airflow. This car can reach 100 km/h in 2.7 seconds and is understandably among the most powerful automotive vehicle on the market right now.
In addition, the Acura NSX is designed to provide great sensations. Its two-passenger interior, leather upholstered seats, elegant trim and ergonomics make it a high-end sports car. The remarkable visibility behind the wheel allows the driver to see far and wide at the same time. Its efficient and bright dashboard, as well as innovative presentation make this remarkable car a jewel on the road. Thanks to its speed, its precision, its high-level powertrain, and its nine-speed gearbox, the 2019 NSX is quite breathtaking. With its bright red, blue, and orange colors, or simply when in black, this two-seater embodies Japanese know-how for ready-made occasions.
The choice of the 2019 NSX is not only based on the Japanese manufacturer’s expertise. It will also allow you to experience a sporty driving that you feel at the stroke of the steering wheel or by gently pressing the gas pedal. You will then be in command of a vehicle like no other and, to be honest, you will have a real pleasure to travel Quebec’s roads. You will always get a great satisfaction behind the wheel of your Acura NSX, one occasion after the other.
In short, this sporty Acura is easy to handle, agile, quickly performing and perfectly balanced. It ensures a great fluidity on the roads, and it offers you more than innovative solutions in its category. There is no doubt that a test at your Acura car dealer in Laval, near Montreal and the North Shore, will convince you of these facts. Let’s also point out that the 2018 NSX won the highest step of the podium for its sportswear and avant-garde last year. 2019 looks equally promising for this two-seater with great technological content and remarkable power.

Set up your 2019 NSX online, and be pre-approved in just 20 minutes!
In any case, your Laval car dealer has not only the full range of Acura vehicles, but also the 2019 NSX with flamboyant colors and a completely clean look. Come for a test drive now and you may leave with this quite sublime car with its details on the cutting edge of the Japanese manufacturer’s capabilities. Proud of its design and flexibility, thanks to ingenious materials, the 2019 Acura NSX is an impressive and fast car that still manages to remain delicate.

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