Acura: The Reliability of Japanese Luxury

Power, elegance and a sumptuous cabin: Luxury cars have everything to please drivers. However, not all manufacturers are able to combine quality with reliability! Fortunately, Acura is one of the few who can, and it compares favourably with its German rivals.

Learn more about Japanese reliability, and the reasons behind it, namely with respect to luxury cars. Then, learn more about Acura’s strengths over its competitors!

Japanese Manufacturers Are at the Top of Rankings

Japanese cars have an excellent reputation, but is it justified? If we rely on what rankings say, then yes, absolutely! For example, the last Consumer Reports rankings, in 2022, put several Japanese brands at the top. On the list of the ten most reliable brands, 6 of them are Japanese!

Of course, Honda and its Acura luxury division is a major player, with vehicles whose reliability has been tried-and-tested.

What about German brands? It’s true that BMW has made a big jump last year by managing to make it among the 10 most reliable brands. However, the brand didn’t feature on the list in the last few years; therefore, we have to be careful depending on the model and the year…

Audi is also part of the Top 10. As for the other German brands, they don’t stand out for their reliability. Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen are even among the worst brands in this area, close to Jeep, the American manufacturer: That’s saying something!

Why Such a Difference?

The superior reliability of Japanese cars is a proven and accepted fact by rankings such as those produced by Consumer Reports. But why is that the case?

In an interview with Forbes, Jake Fischer, Senior Director of Auto Testing at Consumer Reports, said:

The Japanese brands tend to follow a slower product change cadence and share many platforms and powertrains across vehicles.

Thanks to this way of proceeding, quality problems are greatly reduced. Japanese manufacturers take the time to test and perfect new technologies before putting them on the market.

In other words, before a car reaches you, it’s already a product designed to last!

Like Fischer explains, platform and engine sharing is another winning element. For example, the new Acura Integra borrows components from the renowned Honda Civic, while adding a substantial dose of luxury. With this approach, Acura ensures the vehicle is reliable even before it reaches markets, all without compromising on its luxurious aspect.

In fact, you don’t want to miss the new Integra Type S, a high-performance model that will be available at your Acura dealership as early as summer 2023!

Luxury Cars: A Substantial Challenge!

You know all too well that luxury vehicles contain:

  • More advanced technologies

  • Upscale features

  • More powerful engines

These characteristics also make the design of reliable models more difficult. It’s not for nothing that we find so few luxury brands at the top of reliability rankings!

Acura is part of these rare luxury brands, next to Lexus, that play their cards right and make it among the best choices out there. Acura vehicles do justice to the reputation of Japanese cars, but also to the characteristic precision of the brand.

Acura, Luxury and Japanese Precision

Did you know that Acura was the first Japanese brand to offer luxury vehicles in Canada? In fact, the brand came to Canada in 1987 and quickly managed to demonstrate its numerous qualities, including:

  • Power

  • Precision

  • Unique design

  • Quality of materials

  • Etc.

Not only are Acura vehicles reliable and economical, but Acura also prove time and again that they’re able to hold their own against German manufacturers. The design stands out and the driving pleasure is assured. With the Acura TLX and Acura MDX, you get 355 horsepower!

As for the Acura RDX, it distinguishes itself with its comfort, its sporty driving experience, and its impressive cargo space that outshines competitors.

Though you won’t find an Acura hybrid on the market anymore, there’s a specific reason for it: The manufacturer is currently working on its electric transition. Though it’s taking some time, we can expect the kind of reliability characteristic of the Japanese.

You’re looking for your next Acura SUV? Come and visit us at Acura Laval, close to Sainte-Thérèse and a few minutes only from Montreal! We have various models for you.

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