Learn all the benefits of renting an Acura at Acura Laval Dealership   with the best prices near Montreal and Terrebonne

The Benefits of Renting a Vehicle

When it comes to picking up a new vehicle, the question of buying or renting arises immediately. This choice should be made by taking into account our financial situation, of course, but other factors must also be taken into consideration.
At Acura de Laval, your car dealer near the North Shore and just minutes away from Montreal, we are here to answer all your questions. Whether you choose to rent or to buy, Acura finance has all the answers for you. Be aware that renting a new vehicle provides undeniable benefits for the consumer.

The Benefits of Rentals

First, the main benefit of renting is all about your wallet. If you choose this option, you will pay a lot less than if you buy. Rental payments are more financially beneficial. Your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments will be much lower than you would have to do with the purchase of a vehicle. In fact, your payments are lower and you only pay taxes on your monthly payment for example rather than on the total cost of the vehicle.
In addition, at Acura de Laval, we are flexible enough on the lease term of your new vehicle. You only pay for the use you make of your vehicle. At the end of your lease, you have two options: you buy the vehicle at the residual price listed on the lease and you own it or you decide to take your vehicle back to the dealer.
If you have met the conditions set out in your lease, have not exceeded the mileage mentioned and the vehicle is not excessively worn out, then it will cost you nothing more to move on to another car if you so choose.
Finally, you should consider that renting a car allows you to change vehicles more often since the duration of the lease is often shorter than the time you’ll use a car that you own.
In short, leasing your next vehicle allows you to keep more money in your pockets that you can in return use or invest in other projects.

Why Acura de Laval?

The specialists you’ll find here are experienced. They know their job better than anyone else. At Acura de Laval, you will enjoy exceptional quality and a huge inventory of Acura vehicles. You'll be spoiled for choice. We have been in business for many years and know the needs of our customers well. Our advices will help you make a wise choice.
Finally, at Acura de Laval, your dealer par excellence near the North Shore and just minutes away from Montreal, we know that we can help you save money with the many advantages of leasing. Come and enjoy the Acura experience; you will leave with your dream vehicle. We are waiting for you!
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