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acura laval histoire 30ans en
  Precisely 32 years ago, the Japanese automaker decided to launch a new brand of high-end luxury vehicles on the market that would be manufactured and sold in Canada. From 1987 to 2019, more than 835,000 Acura vehicles were built in Alliston, Ontario and 52% of the brand's cumulative Canadian sales were built in North America. Acura Montreal, located in Laval near the North Shore and the...

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acura laval service enn
At Acura Laval, near the North Shore and Montreal, we offer an unparalleled Acura service. Your Acura dealer distinguishes itself with the quality of its service. Our vehicles are not only certified and efficient, they take the first place when it comes to service. A Service Par Excellence “We will take care of you”, says the popular saying. At Acura Laval, our team of technicians...

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acura laval prix usage  c c 81e en
Acura Laval: a brand new car’s performance at the price of an used one   Are you dreaming of a performant sedan (or a SUV) built by a manufacturer well-known for the reliance of its cars? You’re not looking for the long-term leasing agreement that usually comes with a new vehicle, but you still want a car that looks like one and a guarantee of its quality? The car dealer Acura...

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acura plus blainville blogue acura concept precision en 1  1  1  1
  As many other industries, the car manufacturing sector is in a state of constant evolution. While some manufacturers lag behind the pioneers among their peers, others stay at the forefront and innovate tirelessly to provide a greater value to their clients. Acura is part one of these visionary manufacturers, as showed by its prototype called "Precision". This revolutionary concept...

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acura laval blogue acura juin techno en  1  1
  An A-Grade All-Wheel Drive System Acura’s famous SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) is a lot more than a catchy commercial name. It’s an exhaustive and intuitive system that adapts to people’s driving style and to current road conditions to provide the driver with a thrilling driving experience via an unparalleled road handling....

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acura laval blogue acura juillet rdx 2019 en 1  1  1  1  1  1  1
  The 2019 Acura RDX will mark the beginning of the third generation of this luxurious and performant line of vehicles. Like most models from this manufacturer, RDXs distinguish themselves with a diamond grill in the front, jewel-shaped LED headlights, a massive cabin and finely crafted lines on the side. But what will the 2019 model bring to the table?...

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