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What Is Acura Link?
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In the last few years, technologies have multiplied in the latest generation of vehicles. Those who have been driving the same car for a long time can quickly become confused by this diverse offering. If you're looking at Acura cars, you may have asked yourself: what is Acura Link?In addition to giving you access to the functions of a keychain, this application gives you access to your vehicle's information,...

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Why It's Important to Service Your Acura
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Is there anything more satisfying than the fresh odour of a brand-new Acura, or seeing its shiny exterior and experiencing its flawless handling behind the wheel? And yet, there are ways to keep your car in this condition for many years afterwards. The secret? Regular maintenance, plain and simple. Frequent cleaning and maintenance by technicians according to recommended service schedules...

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Why Neglect Your Vehicle? Acura Car Service is Priceless!
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Why Neglect Your Vehicle? Acura Car Service is Priceless! If you own a high-end Japanese vehicle and want it to run for a long time, the best way to extend its life is to not neglect the regular maintenance of your Acura. Acura Laval near Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand and just minutes from Montreal is not just a car dealership that sells new and used vehicles. It...

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