Find out why buying an Acura at Acura Laval, Acura Dealership near Montreal and St. Jerome would be a good choice for you.

A lot of purchases look like good deals in the heat of the moment but are really just disappointments waiting to happen. This type of realisation is even more painful when it comes to less-than-reliable cars because they can quickly turn into real money pits, especially the luxurious ones. How can you give yourself a little gift on wheels without the fear of paying a much higher price than expected down the road? Acura Laval can answer that: buy an Acura.

See beyond the price tag

The real cost of a car can't be measured only by its price tag. As you can imagine, a vehicle that would have to go to the garage at least twice a year for more than regular maintenance works cannot be considered of any value and you should avoid it at all cost. Indeed, but how can we foresee the reliability of a car? It's not like "lemons" manufacturers were honest about it. You should listen to impartial experts. Kelley Blue Book is an American company that seeks to educate consumers about the real cost (and thus the related value) of car ownership depending on the model. This institute just granted to Acura the award for the 5-years lowest ownership cost for the second year in a row.

Criteria used

Acura received this distinction because all its vehicles ranked first or second in more than half of the factors considered. That includes the car's price, depreciation rate (measurable by looking at the resale value), financing and insurance costs, fuel consumption and maintenance/repairs costs. When all these criteria are taken into account simultaneously, vehicles built by Acura appear to cost the less to their owners in their first five years on the road (among high-end vehicles). It's not a surprise that the exceptional quality and reliability of Acura represents a standard in the luxury car's segment.

The facts speak for themselves: buying an Acura, it's buying a car that won't give you headaches in a few months. It's a good deal from the beginning to the end. Go at once to Acura Laval to pick yours!

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