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Acura Laval -- Acura Dealership in Laval Near Montreal

Welcome to Acura Laval, your Acura dealer on the North Shore near Montreal. Its impressive range of Acura vehicles makes its reputation, now well known for several decades. Come discover our complete inventory of cars and crossovers to find the perfect vehicle for an exceptional driving experience.

At Acura Laval, our mission is simple: help you experience the Japanese driving experience at its best and at the best price possible. As we now know, elegance and refinement abound in our Acura cars and SUVs, now available in luxury, coupe and crossover sedans. Just like its caliper-looking emblem, a precision instrument, Acura's constant goal is to promote its vehicles excellence and high quality.

In Quebec, Acura de Laval is the reference on the North Shore of Montreal. In addition to discovering its range of new vehicles, Acura Laval offers you a large inventory of pre-owned vehicle vehicles as well as complete financing, exchange and rental services.

From the 2019/2020 ILX and TLX sedans to the 2019/2020 MDX, MDX Hybrid as well as the 2019/2020 RDX SUVs, Acura Laval near Montreal and the North Shore holds an impressive range of models and versions in its state-of-the-art showroom. Over the years, these models have experienced a dizzying ascent and are now all over roads in Quebec, Canada and the United States.

Acura Laval, a legendary figure within Acura Canada, continues to innovate. We now offer the all-new NSX, combining ingenuity at its best, power and performance. Intuitive and spectacular, this racing car is not only a sports car, it's a real gem on the road; the Acura NSX will make you experience real emotions. At its wheel, the track belongs to you.

Besides a story of confidence, Acura Laval and the Hamel Group is also a story of performance where new technologies are tested in a racing environment which is also a great way to ensure reliability, performance and power. Think about it, if a car can drive at full speed on a racetrack for 24 consecutive hours, it is a sign of reliability and durability when it comes to your everyday use. In addition, Acura's track tests are always multiplied before sending its models into large-scale production.

As a member of the Hamel Group since 1998, Acura Laval is distinguished by its approach and the quality of its service, which have been developed in collaboration with all its employees over the years. As a result of the distinct skills, abilities and strengths of our people, we foster a caring, human and exceptional team to drive our customer service to unparalleled levels of satisfaction.

At Acura Laval, you will also discover a team of skilled and experienced experts and consultants. Our sales representatives will guide you in choosing your next new or used vehicle. Attentive, they will share their experience while establishing your needs. You can rest assured that they will be able to present you the best options for your travels and your budget with a global guidance throughout your purchasing or leasing journey.


The team of experts at Acura Laval also offers professional aesthetics, maintenance and repair services. All our technicians follow a continuous training program and are aware of the latest technological developments found on Acura vehicles. When you visit Acura Laval, we take care of your vehicle. Not only do we follow the maintenance program, in addition, our experts advise you on the best products for your vehicle. Our personalized service shows how much we care about your satisfaction, because Acura for a long time, a very long time!

Acura Laval is your partner par excellence for a luxury vehicle. What has set us apart all these years is our special attention to each of our clients and to offer an exemplary experience. Like the Japanese manufacturer, an endless visionary for decades, Acura Laval brings together logical and innovative minds who are invited to unleash their creativity to constantly improve customer service. Our team believes in their dreams, their ambitions and their know-how, in addition to excelling where many have given up. The Hamel Group of Laval knows how to do things differently with Acura Laval, your dealer on the North Shore, near Montreal, symbol of elegance, refinement and longevity.


Acura Laval welcomes you to our home, where we combine performance, innovation and smoothness of execution. We promise you meticulously designed vehicles letting you drive the future. Come see us and feel the Acura Laval experience with its dedicated team, high-end vehicles and personalized support.

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Acura Laval
2500, Boul. Chomedey, Laval
QC, H7T 2W1
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