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Acura Laval -- Acura Dealership in Laval Near Montreal

The Acura Laval dealership near Montreal welcomes you with an impressive range of Acura vehicles whose reputation is written everywhere in the world. Come explore our complete inventory of cars and multi segments to find the vehicle that will make you live an exceptional driving experience.

At Acura Laval, our mission is quite simple: make you live the Japanese experience at its best and offer you the best prices. More concretely, we know it, elegance and refinement are at the rendezvous inside our Acura cars and SUVs, and today, Acura means luxury sedans, coupes and multi segments. By the way, stylized under the form of a caliper, highly precise measure instrument, the Acura logo has for ambition to put forward the excellence and the quality of the sign’s vehicle.

Acura Laval is the reference of choice in Quebec, on the North Shore of Montreal, and on top of making you discover its range of new vehicles, Acura Laval is also a dealership of pre-owned vehicle of the same brand, thus offering complete purchase, sale, exchange and rental services. 

A new dealership is added to the group, you can now count on the professional team of Acura Montréal Centre by visiting our website HERE.

At Acura Laval, you will also discover a team of experts and advisors trained on the brand who, with their extensive knowledge of the Acura brand, will know how to guide you in the choice of your next vehicle. Since they know how to listen, share their experience and establish your needs, they will know how to present you the best options for your movements and your budget and at Acura Laval, our advisors accompany you all along your purchase or rental process.

Our dealership has been in place for a few decades now and to this title, Acura Laval is also a team of experts that offer you aesthetic, maintenance and repairs professional services. All of our technicians follow a continuous training program and know the latest technological novelties of Acura vehicles.

When you come at Acura Laval, we take care of your vehicle, and not only do we follow the maintenance program, but with us the experts advise you on the best products for your vehicle and the personalized service at Acura Laval shows just how much we are concerned with making you live the Acura experience for a very, very long time. 

Acura Laval is your luxury automobile partner by excellence, because what has distinguished us for all these years is this very particular attention that we ensure to offer to each of our clients by giving what’s best.

As a member of the Hamel group since 1998, Acura Laval is always concerned with distinguishing itself by its approach and the quality of its service, and who has by the way developed, with the help of its employees along the years, an expertise in order to enhance the satisfaction of our clientele. At Acura Laval, our guests make the experience of a quality customer service that only we can offer, an outstanding after-sale service, and they exchange with professionals who are passionate about the automobile industry. In short, thanks to the expertise, the skills and the distinct assets of the members of our staff, we favor the training of an exceptional human team and propel our clientele towards an unmatched level of satisfaction

Acura Laval and Groupe Hamel are not only a thing of trust, it’s also a range of very performant luxurious vehicles, where testing new technologies in a race environment by the way constitutes an excellent way to guarantee its reliability, performance and power. For example, if a car can drive at full throttle on a race track for 24 consecutive hours, it will be a sign of reliability and durability between your hands, and Acura obtains all of this and multiplies the tryouts before launching itself in the fabrication of its models on a big scale.

Whether we’re thinking about the 2020/2021 ILX and TLX sedans, or the 2022 MDX, MDX hybrid and 2021 RDX SUVs, Acura Laval near Montreal and the North Shore offer an impressive range of available models and versions in its ultra-modern showroom. Along the years, these models have known a remarkable rise and now tread all the roads of Quebec, Canada and the United States. 

Acura Laval, legendary figure at Acura Canada, does not cease to innovate and staring now, the road belongs to you with the brand new Acura NSX: ingenuity at its best, along with power and performance. Intuitive and spectacular, this speedster is not only a sporty car, it’s a true gem on the road; the Acura NSX will make you live true emotions.

Not unlike the Japanese designer, Acura Laval is an inexhaustible visionary and for decades now, he assembles Cartesian and innovative spirits and invites them to give free will to their creativity to improve customer service. The Acura Laval team believes in its dreams, its ambitions and its know-how, on top of excelling where many have given up. Groupe Hamel from Laval knows how to do things differently, by doing it with mention at Acura Laval, your one-of-a-kind dealership on the whole line.

Acura Laval welcomes you home, where we realize performance, innovation and execution finesse, and we promise you a careful conception since our Acura models welcome you and put you in charge of the future. To live the Acura Laval experience, a symbol of elegance, refinement and longevity, is to adopt the assurance of a dedicated team, high-end vehicles and a complete accompaniment.

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