Used black Acura on the highway near a railing on a sunny day, near Acura de Laval.

Get More for Your Money with a Used Acura!

When considering, choosing and buying a car brand, it is important to think in the long-term and ask yourself if your purchase will still have a good resale value when the time comes to replace your vehicle. The Acura Montreal dealer located in Laval answers this question by insisting on the reliability of its brand.

The Resale Value of a Vehicle

If we are so enthusiastic about a vehicle that we are interested in purchasing it, it is wise to think carefully about its resale value before moving forward. Indeed, some cars lose less value than others, and this is the case for Acura and Honda. Both products are from the same Japanese manufacturer and have an excellent resale value, and here's why.

First of all, it must be said that Acura cars and SUVs are reliable and made of top-quality materials that last a very long time. Since these are vehicles renowned for this on the market and we consider longevity to be their trademark, they are easier to sell at a lower cost than any other vehicle.

Even more impressive, the resale value of a vehicle reflects several fundamental factors, starting with reliability and quality, in addition to the durability that we have just briefly commented on.

ALG, a leading provider of analysis and consulting services for the automotive industry in North America, along with the Canadian Black Book, analyze several criteria, including vehicle segment competition, historical performance and industry trends before releasing their data. For several years, Acura has won the prize for pricing, offering high-quality vehicles with a resale value that is significantly higher than that of other brands.

To earn such an honour, the Acura brand maintains a very high percentage of its original MSRP. The consumer is looking for vehicles that best retain their value, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership of the vehicle. This is essential when purchasing a vehicle, especially if you plan to resell within the next five years.

This data must be taken into account, but it also varies according to the mileage and wear and tear of the vehicle. Despite these factors, Acura has an above-average resale value. As a brand of high-quality luxury vehicles, Acura stands the test of time with both reliability and durability.

In addition to their attractive look, good fuel economy, exceptional handling and competitive price, the Acura TSX, Acura RDX, Acura MDX, Acura ILX and Acura TLX models have excellent resale value in the Canadian and Quebec markets. As they are also reliable and well-equipped vehicles with rear-view cameras, sunroofs and advanced technology, they will remain on our roads for a long time.

A used Acura is therefore an educated choice for consumers who are looking for superior quality, reliability and durability. In addition to these factors, it cannot be overemphasized that your vehicle should be properly maintained throughout the years and that you should keep a record of the vehicle's history. These factors will facilitate the resale transaction and prove to the buyer that you have taken care of your vehicle during your ownership period.

In short, the resale value of your vehicle remains an important factor at the time of purchase. Acura, thanks to the factors mentioned in this blog, can ensure an excellent resale value. Simply put, you'll get more for your money when the time comes to replace your vehicle.

Why Acura de Laval?

New and used vehicles from Acura de Laval receive special attention. They are scrupulously inspected and certified by our expert technicians. We take the time to review each and every component, ensuring its quality and reliability.

Used grey Acura SUVs, on the desert road, on a cloudy day, on asphalt, near Acura Laval.

At Acura de Laval, near the North Shore, the Laurentians and just a few minutes from Montreal, we know that our vehicles last for a long time. Since we only sell quality, we ensure that your Acura will meet all of your needs and we certify that it will have an excellent resale value. Come and meet us now to talk about the value of your next Acura vehicle.

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