Pre-Owned Acura: Get Your Hands on a Reliable Vehicle!

It’s often said that Acura vehicles are reliable and durable, in addition to being elegant, powerful and high-performance. The Japanese brand’s used vehicles for sale are not any different, and they offer various advantages. Read the following to know everything about Acura pre-owned vehicles.

Used Vehicles by Acura Are Durable

To start off, whether it’s an Acura car, or an Acura SUV, all the Japanese brand’s luxury vehicles have been on our roads for a long time.


First Generation

Age in 2024

Acura Integra


38 years old

Acura MDX


23 years old

Acura RDX


17 years old

Acura TLX


9 years old

Since the creation of their first car in 1986, Acura hasn’t stopped innovating and selling new car models. Above all, the brand is strong because it offers cars that can stand the test of time. In fact, it’s a great thing that the Tokyo manufacturer always makes sure that its products are durable. For example, when we look at a Acura Integra—a model that has been on our roads for now 38 years—we must acknowledge that it’s a vehicle with a tough skin.

In other words, used Acura cars are a sign of durability, and you can rest assured it will offer you many wonderful years on the road. Consequently, durability is an important element to consider when the time comes to buy a used car. With Acura, you can check off durability on your list of important things you need to consider.

Pre-Owned Acura Vehicles Are Certified

To start off, Acura SUVs and cars offer you first-class comfort, in addition to being powerful and high-performance. But that’s not all. For a used Acura vehicle to be certified, it needs to go through a series of tests and meet very demanding requirements.

Once one of the brand’s vehicles has been returned to an optimal condition, by only using original Acura parts, the dealership can proudly display the certification. As the technicians need to be very experienced to be able to certify a vehicle, you can be certain it’ll come with a warranty offered by Acura Canada.

Finally, when you buy a used Acura car or a used Acura SUV, keep in mind that your vehicle has gone through a rigorous inspection before it was put back in the showroom. The Acura dealership gives life to your vehicle by offering you the following:

  • 7-year/160,000 km powertrain warranty

  • 125 points inspection

  • Vehicle history report (Carfax)

  • 24/7 roadside assistance

  • 7 day/1,000 km exchange privilege

The Japanese manufacturer doesn’t hesitate to provide a range of benefits, confident as it is about the quality of its vehicles.

Acura Vehicles Are Reliable

Although the durability of Acura vehicles has been clearly demonstrated, reliability is an asset you shouldn’t overlook when buying a used vehicle.

Whether we’re talking about the Acura powertrain, it’s 10-speed or its A-Spec transmission, the Japanese manufacturer attaches special importance to having reliable components inside its vehicles that won’t let you down while you’re on the road.

We often find similar characteristics in the Acura lineup. These similarities are not insignificant. It’s clear that the manufacturer wants to ensure optimal efficiency and reliability with each of its models.

When you buy a used vehicle, remember that each part of the vehicle works in harmony as a coherent whole that has a proven track record.

Pre-Owned Acura Vehicles at a Good Price

It’s always cheaper to buy a used car. First, your insurance premiums will be lower than if you had bought a new vehicle.

Second, the price of a used SUV or a pre-owned car will be less exorbitant than the price of a new model of the year.

Third, Acura offers you exclusive financing rates on certified pre-owned Acura models.

In any case, you’ll be getting a great deal by buying a used vehicle. Moreover, since it’s Acura, you can rest assured that you’ll get a luxury vehicle that performs well in all circumstances. You’ll undoubtedly be getting your hands on a vehicle with flawless assembly quality and time-tested mechanical components. Furthermore, you’ll get exemplary road handling and outstanding comfort.

Come discover the whole range of Acura certified pre-owned vehicles at Acura Laval, your Acura dealership close to Sainte-Thérèse and a few minutes only from Montreal. You’ll leave with the vehicle of your dreams, and at a good price. See you there!

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