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If like most luxury car owners, you're proud of your Acura and you want to keep it in top condition; therefore, using only genuine Acura parts and accessories is vital.

Between performance, reliability, quality and savings, here's why you should always use Acura Canada parts to upgrade your car.

Acura Performance

When your Acura car was designed, everything was thought of to give it optimum performance. This includes all of its original features, including every part that works together for a sporty ride.

The Acura emblem represents precision because it is one of the company's core values. Acura takes a rigorous approach to the design of its parts by having each one tested by the research and development team.

When using original parts for your car, you can be sure that it will continue to perform as well as when it was first manufactured. If alternative parts can keep a car running well, you may not get the same feel and agility that you first experienced with the car.

For uncompromising performance, replace worn parts with genuine Acura parts--don't compromise on quality.

Acura Canada Parts: More Reliable Parts

Acura parts meet high design and material requirements. All certified parts are produced in accordance with these requirements to ensure that the car functions optimally.

Quality parts are first and foremost about reliability. Unfortunately, the replacement parts you find elsewhere are not always as reliable. While some may be solid, they often aren't; are you willing to take that risk? By the way, genuine parts are guaranteed.

When you buy an Acura part, you can be sure it's tough. It will keep your car running smoothly and in an optimal manner, whether it's a component of:

  • Engine
  • Chassis
  • Bodywork
  • Electronic system

Moreover, since counterfeit parts were not custom-made for your vehicle, the safety they provide are somehow unsatisfactory. Especially when it comes to mechanical parts or safety accessories, you should never leave the choice of such parts to chance.

An inappropriate alternative part can have more serious consequences than you think.For safe and reliable components, you can rely on Acura!


Preserve Other Components

The part you purchased may seem to work fine, but what about its interaction with other components? Sometimes, the wrong part can work well, but damage the other parts. And often, you won't realize it until it's too late.

When you get a new part or a new accessory, you don't want to go back for a repair anytime soon. To avoid a lot of repairs and changes, start by getting the right part for your car.

In fact, you can save time by finding the right parts directly at an Acura dealership. Your dealership in Laval equips all your Acura car models, whether you're looking for:

  • Acura MDX parts
  • Acura RDX parts
  • Acura TLX parts
  • Acura Integra parts
  • And all other models!

Rely on the quality of your Acura car or SUV with genuine parts.

Acura Genuine Parts: Medium- and Long-Term Savings

Money is often the first argument mentioned by those who choose alternative parts and accessories. Yet, the opposite is true: You think you are saving money, but you end up spending more!

There are several reasons for this. As we said, the fact that counterfeit parts can damage other parts means that you will probably have to make repairs more often.

The main reason is that Acura certified parts are designed to last longer. They have an extended lifespan and greater strength, which means you'll have to change them much less often. That's the advantage of choosing quality! Genuine parts cost a little extra, but they save you a lot more in the long run.

Find all the parts and accessories you need at Acura Laval, your dealership near Sainte-Thérèse and just a few minutes from Montréal.

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