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In the last few years, technologies have multiplied in the latest generation of vehicles. Those who have been driving the same car for a long time can quickly become confused by this diverse offering. If you're looking at Acura cars, you may have asked yourself: what is Acura Link?

In addition to giving you access to the functions of a keychain, this application gives you access to your vehicle's information, allows you to interact and locate your Acura!

Acura Link App: A Keychain on Your Phone

In our era, our smartphones rarely leave our side, so it's especially convenient to be able to access our keychain via this platform!

Forgot your keys in the car? Just unlock it with the Acura Link application. On another note, how many among you have ever experienced the doubt of having locked their doors properly? Acura Link lets you lock them remotely. So, you can lock your doors from work, from the restaurant, from your friends' house... as long as you have access to the signal!

You'll also be able to access features such as remote start/stop to warm up or cool down the car before you arrive and be ready to leave in comfort.

An Application that Gives You Access to the Instrumentation at All Times

With the application or from the Acura Link web platform, you have access to information about your car or your Acura SUV at all times. All the information of the instrumentation can be consulted remotely, whether regarding:

  • Tire pressure
  • Battery status
  • Fuel level
  • Digital speedometer level

You can even get diagnostics, telling you if something is not working properly.

Never Forget Maintenance Anymore

By the same token, your vehicle sends alerts to your app to tell you that you should make a maintenance appointment: this is the Maintenance Minder. Consequently, if it's time for an oil change or if a repair is needed, you'll be quickly notified.

Besides, to avoid oversights, you can instantly schedule an appointment with your Acura dealer from the app or on the website. Moreover, a reminder of your appointment is sent to you when the date is near.

Locating Your Car

Is your vehicle equipped with Acura's navigation system? You get some additional benefits on the Acura Link app, including the geolocation service.

Can't remember where you parked? Whether you're in a large public parking lot or on city streets, the app lets you geotag your vehicle. It is therefore much easier and faster to find your way to your car, and you will save time!

That's not the only advantage of location; you can also access the geo-tagging alert. You can set a larger or smaller area outside of which your vehicle usually doesn't or shouldn't leave. The application will let you know when your vehicle leaves or enters this area.

This can be useful especially if you have lent your car to another driver.

More than that, Acura Link's car location has a notable security feature, as the app allows local authorities to track stolen vehicles! Thanks to geolocation, you don't have to worry about theft anymore: your will find your car quickly.

Acura Link Premium App: Concierge Service for More Luxury

This is another advantage of vehicles equipped with the navigation system. With the Concierge Services feature, you can quickly book:

  • Hotel accommodations
  • Restaurant meals
  • Airline tickets

Afterwards, the confirmation data can be sent directly to your vehicle! This includes the navigation data to get you to your destination when you need to be.

This option is exclusively offered with the Premium version of the application. A live personal assistant communicates with you and interacts with your data, including the ability to read and send messages.

The Acura Link price varies depending on the package you choose for your car. Please ask your dealer for details.

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