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Is there anything more satisfying than the fresh odour of a brand-new Acura, or seeing its shiny exterior and experiencing its flawless handling behind the wheel? And yet, there are ways to keep your car in this condition for many years afterwards. The secret? Regular maintenance, plain and simple. Frequent cleaning and maintenance by technicians according to recommended service schedules is the secret to the longevity of your Acura vehicle.

At Acura Laval near Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand and only minutes from Montreal, our technicians are there to help you keep your car in top condition. Look for your new Acura sedan or SUV, or choose from our pre-owned models like the Acura RDX on sale or the Acura MDX, all at very competitive prices in our dealership. Our demo vehicles are also available for purchase, an excellent value proposition!

Keep Your Acura Like New for a Very Long Time!

While current trends are towards frequent purchases of new cars, maintaining a car ensures that it will stay like new for many years to come. Acura vehicles are dependable and last a particularly long time if they are well cared for. And there’s no one better to take care of your Acura than our qualified Acura technicians!

There are a number of routine operations that require regular maintenance in a typical vehicle. For example, the oil should be changed annually, as should the filter. As temperature variations affect the efficiency of the oil, we recommend that you change it in the springtime.

Many drivers also overlook the need to change their coolant. Engine technicians advise you to do so for one simple reason: as the coolant becomes less efficient, it oxidizes, which causes the engine to rust.

With the cold season around the corner, you’ll also need to check on parts such as the suspension and brakes. Needless to say, their proper functioning is essential to your safety, especially during the cold season! Parts that are in poor condition might be unstable and cause you to skid. Be sure to have your drive belts and spark plugs checked at the same time.

And when you’re cleaning your car, be on the lookout for signs of rust: dealing with rust as soon as possible means that it won’t spread and cost you more money.

While we often think of the exterior and mechanical parts of the vehicle when we think of servicing, we sometimes forget about the interior. Beyond the personal satisfaction of sitting in a clean, fresh-smelling cabin, grime and dust can damage cabin materials. When you consider that Acura vehicles are equipped with premium fabrics and leathers, spoiling them is the last thing you want to do! Vacuum and clean your car using the right products or have your car professionally cleaned.

Regular maintenance does incur some additional costs, but the long-term return on these expenses is undeniable and you’ll be glad you kept your car in good shape!

At Acura Laval, our service department is made up of technicians who have been trained according to the highest industry standards, on top of knowing everything about the luxury brand’s cars. Placing your Acura in their expert hands is a guarantee that a complete verification and maintenance will be performed on your Acura vehicle. And with your winter tires installed, why not have your car serviced at the same time?

To summarize, if you want to keep your Acura in great condition for a long time and ensure your safety and that of your family this winter, regular maintenance is essential. Put your trust in our Acura technicians.

At Acura Laval, the Customers Are Our First Priority!

Looking for a new, used or demo automobile? The range of Acura vehicles consists of various models of sedans, SUVs and even sports cars. Let our experts at Acura Laval advise you on how to choose the perfect vehicle for you, or to personalize a new car to your image! 

You can rely on a team of passionate professionals who are dedicated to seeing you drive off in a reliable and safe Acura vehicle.

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